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General Terms and Conditions Camping Brugger am Riegsee

Camping Brugger am Riegsee Fam. Karl Brugger sen. and son GBR

General Terms and Conditions (AGB`s)

COVID 19 behavioral information

For your own safety as well as the protection of your fellow human beings and our employees, we ask you to observe the hygiene rules and the distance regulations.

Guests who are in quarantine or in domestic isolation due to COVID 19, or who show signs of infection, are strictly prohibited from traveling!

Your registration and fellow travelers will be asked again, if necessary in writing, about a possible COVID 19 disease. If symptoms occur during your stay that indicate an illness, a doctor must be consulted immediately or a test carried out.

Occupancy of the pitches/areas on the campsite, only within the framework of the current official regulations (contact restrictions).

In the event of non-compliance with the official and aforementioned rules of conduct, the host may demand that the pitch/area be abandoned and that the guest return home or continue their journey.

The following terms and conditions apply between Karl Brugger sen. und Sohn GBR, Camping Brugger am Riegsee (hereinafter referred to as the campsite) and the camping guest. The camping guest expressly recognizes the content of these terms and conditions with his registration. Deviating and/or supplementary agreements require the express written confirmation of the campsite.


Conclusion of the camping contract/booking

By sending a written registration/booking, the camping guest enters into a binding camping contract for the specified period and for the planned number of persons. However, a written booking confirmation from the campsite is required.

There is no entitlement to a specific pitch. However, we always try to provide a pitch in the desired category/location. Information provided by telephone, subsidiary agreements and other assurances of any kind shall only form part of the contract if they have been confirmed in writing by the campsite.

Registrations by young people under the age of 18 traveling alone are not permitted and will be canceled by the campsite. Young people are only permitted if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Conditions must be requested in advance.


Booking / Prices

The prices are based on the current price list for the respective booking period. It is the responsibility of the camping guest to find out about the prices valid for the booking period before making the booking.

Please check the booking confirmation for correctness immediately upon receipt! The campsite reserves the right to change the booking if this is necessary for special reasons.

Arrival and departure times:

Reception times from 8.30am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm – 6.30pm

Departure times from 8.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. and arrival from 1.30 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.

If you wish to leave earlier, please contact reception the day before.

By arrangement, subject to availability and chargeable:

Early arrival before 13:30 with payment of a fee of € 10.00.

Late departure after 12:00 noon until 3:30 pm. Fee according to the notice at reception.

Evening departure after 15:30 until 19:00 by charging an additional full night’s stay.


Information on deposits, arrival and cancelations.


Deposit due for stays from 25.06.2021:

14-10 days before booked arrival date by bank transfer by the camping guest.

Deposits made after this date will be treated as a deposit at the aforementioned time,

and charged in accordance with the cancellation costs below. A percentage refund will not be made here, as the camping guest was not obliged to make a down payment earlier in order to keep his reservation.

Deposit amount:

12.00 €uro deposit per booked night and booked pitch.

(e.g. 5 nights 1 pitch 60,00 €uro deposit / 2 pitches 120,– Euro etc…….)

Bank details:

IBAN DE24 703 22192 6630 188979 BIC HYVEDEMM664

The deposit will be deducted from the daily rate on arrival.

Cancellation fees:

The aforementioned deposit will be retained in full by the campsite in the event of cancellation by the camping guest.

In the event of early departure, 50 % of the daily price of the booked overnight stays as per registration

as a cancellation fee, but at least in the amount of the deposit paid. Payable on the day of departure.

In the event of a pandemic-related non-arrival, a travel restriction imposed by the authorities and a resulting early departure, the legal requirements valid at that time apply.


Contract changes / late arrival and no-show

Changes, such as arrival and departure day, the period, the type of occupancy and the number of persons only

after consultation with the campsite.

Only one family (maximum 6 persons) can be booked per camping pitch, with 1 WOWA, 1 WOMO or

1 FAMILY TENT with max. 1 SUPPORT TENT (max. 6 sqm). Additional tents for visitors by arrangement only and subject to a charge.

Late arrivals are to be reported from on the road by e-mail or SMS at: +498847728 and +491701105332. Otherwise the pitch reserved for you may be allocated to someone else and the campsite will try to provide an alternative pitch.


Site rules


The camping guest is obliged to comply with the rules and regulations according to the campsite regulations.

These can be found on the reception notice board. In particular, the rest periods and times specified there must be observed, as well as the requirements for nature and fire protection. Entry and occupancy of the campsite only with a tested and valid gas system (according to the sticker). In the event of violations of the campsite regulations, the campsite is entitled to terminate the camping contract without notice if the camping guest’s behavior endangers others or causes lasting disturbance and the campsite considers immediate termination of the contract to be justified. This would result in early departure fees being charged. In accordance with the aforementioned cancellation conditions.

Dogs / Pets

Dogs are not allowed on the playgrounds, in the sanitary buildings and during the entertainment. In the event of conspicuous dog behavior or complaints from other guests, the campsite operator may expel the dog from the site. Dogs must be kept on a lead on the site, the camping pitches and the surrounding hiking trails.

Please note: To protect the local wildlife, meadows may not be entered from the beginning of April to the end of September.

The so-called hunting season began on April 1st! Meadows may not be entered during the growing season from the beginning of April to the end of September in order to protect the local wildlife. An infringement may be committed if a hiker cuts across a field and an unleashed dog romps across a meadow. Please respect the field boundaries of the surrounding farmers.

Visitors and parking outside the grounds

Please note the current information on the parking areas.


Defects / Complaints

Any complaints regarding the campsite must be reported immediately to the campsite operator by the camping guest. The assertion of defects is excluded if these have not been reported directly to the campsite during the guest’s stay. The campsite will attempt to rectify these within the scope of its possibilities or commission a specialist company and/or provide an alternative pitch.


Opening hours / frost

During the low season, the reception, sanitary facilities, restaurants, entertainment etc. have limited opening hours. At times, not all pitch areas are open. Please note that fresh water is only available on the camping pitches when frost is no longer expected from the camping operation’s point of view.


Data protection and media data

The campsite is monitored by video cameras in critical areas for the safety of campers (detection and prevention of safety hazards), to protect property and possessions, to control access authorizations and to exercise domiciliary rights. The recordings are only evaluated if necessary and only the required data is stored until clarification. Data will not be passed on to third parties. The video recordings are automatically deleted after 72 hours in accordance with § 6b Abs BDSG. The recording device is protected by suitable measures acc.

§ 9 BDSG data protection law against access by unauthorized third parties.

You can find our information on the General Data Protection Regulation on our homepage www.camping-brugger.de,

and on the reception notice board. Further or other contractual agreements exist for permanent and seasonal camping guests.



The campsite is only liable in the event of intent or gross negligence on the part of its legal representative or vicarious agent in accordance with the statutory provisions. This applies to all claims for damages (in particular for damages in addition to performance and damages in lieu of performance), irrespective of the legal grounds, in particular for breach of duties arising from the contractual obligation or from tort. There shall be no claim for damages due to force majeure.



The camping company reserves the right to correct errors or printing and calculation errors.

10 Offsetting

The camping guest may only offset claims that are undisputed or have been legally established.


Place of jurisdiction

The camping guest may only sue the camping company at its registered office. The place of residence of the camping guest shall be decisive for actions brought by the camping company, unless the action is directed against registered traders or persons who have no general place of jurisdiction in Germany, or against persons who have moved their place of residence or habitual abode abroad after conclusion of the contract, or whose place of residence or habitual abode is not known at the time the action is brought. In these cases, the registered office of the campsite is decisive.

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